Sonnet #4

by Any Other

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Adele racconta così le canzoni:

La canzone parla di quando si è innamorati di qualcuno ma in un modo non sano, quindi a un certo punto ci si rende conto che bisogna pensare a se stessi e liberarsi delle relazioni tossiche.

Parla di mia nonna, a cui sono molto legata. Il 25 dicembre è il suo compleanno e ogni natale mi sento fortunata perché lei è ancora qui con me.

L'avevo scritta a 17 anni quando stavo con il mio primo amore (eheh) e non stavo bene psicologicamente, ma non mi sentivo autorizzata a renderlo partecipe di questo mio stato, però volevo solo, ingenuamente, che lui si prendesse cura di me.

Ecco, appunto. Questa l'ho scritta a 18 anni, sempre per quella persona (e pensavo cose tipo MA DOVE CAZZO SEI DATTI UNA MOSSA E STAI CON ME).

Tutti i brani scritti da Adele Nigro.

"Me Muddled", "Cold House" e "Not in These Days" registrate, mixate e masterizzate da Marco Giudici in sala prove e a casa.

"Sonnet #4" registrata da Andrea Scardovi al Duna Studio di Ravenna.
Mixata da Marco Giudici e Niccolò Fornabaio al Noise Factory di Milano.
Masterizzata da Andrea Suriani all'Alpha dept. Studio di Bologna.

Prodotto da Any Other e Bello Records.
Artwork: Massimo Fiorio.


released December 9, 2015


all rights reserved



Any Other Milan, Italy

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Track Name: Me Muddled
Feeling safe in a crowd
Has never been easy for you and me
So we tried not to care

Where are you in this crowd?
I feel I have no way out of here
Though I tried to get away

So I focus my attention
On something else
And as long as I remain
Will you cherish me?

Now I long to be someone else
I wish I hadn't passed all those years
While you treating me so bad

But I know it's hard to go with no map
To show me the right way
Don't you know that nobody has that map?

Oh, please, no longer
No, please, no longer
So I focus my
Track Name: Not in These Days
Granny, you were born
On the Christmas day of 1931
You'll be 83 in some days
The days in which I try hard
To be a family in one

Problem is, every year
I'm scared I'll be left alone
On your birthday
I don't want to undergo that feeling again
Not in these days

(When it was Christmas in 1931
People used to share some time together
Not in these days)
Track Name: Cold House
I don't wanna moan in this place and all the times it had been so I wanted to cry
But then you learn how to be alone, it's not a shame you just grow old and feel like shit

Wait, pull me apart to the place that belongs to you
Inside the cold house he moves, he stares at you
Winter's coming with frozen feelings behind your back
What he brought to your light, it made you trapped, it made you wrapped up

Please, don't be slow but just assertive like you always do
And don't confront me with my choice, there wouldn't be a clue
Winter ended inside the cold house where he don't move anymore
You found your calm but not for sure, then you might be wrong

I don't wanna moan in this place
Track Name: Sonnet #4
I’m about to puke
You can smell signs of my blues on my skin
Like mud his smell
Covering me, leaving me with no air
Please, come and replace
His smell with your smell
Clean the marks on my body
And scrape off the darkness
You’ll see in my eyes
Taking your eyes off
You’ll think of the problems
You thought you had solved
Past just comes, don’t go
Your presence reminds me
Of something I’ve lost
Like a bird in a cage
A swan without wings
No more white, colored grey
I won’t sleep anymore
With somebody whose
I don’t want the smell on
Where the hell have you been?
You should have taken me away from that idiot
I’ve been crying for months
I wonder how Christmas would be with you
I find myself at recollecting memories I’ve collected with you
When I was fifteen and you were nineteen
I want to sleep with you until winter comes
And then wait for springtime
And then wait for winter again and again
When I see you shivers run on my spine
Why do you never step forward?
Why do you?
Please, come and please, do something
I’ve loved you for years
And I’ve spent my best years loving you
Do something, please
I wrote best songs and I wrote them for you
Where the hell have you been?
But now you’re here and I feel comfortable
Where the hell have you been?
But now you’re here and I feel comfortable
But now you’re here and I feel comfortable
But now you’re here and I feel comfortable

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